Anne Meridien
Simple Thoughts on Finding Love and Marriage
by Anne Meridien
You deserve to be loved, cherished and respected by a person with character who is committed to you.

You will find love, comfort and companionship.

Your emotional and physical health must come first.

Self-love and self-care precede romantic and faithful love.

Stay clear of people who gossip and lie, who blame and criticize, who control through silence and are in too much of their own pain.

Take bold steps to keep negative people out of your life.

Love will not come until you release all of the pain and hurt that is buried deep inside of you.

Overcome the disappointments of your past so that you can have the future that you deserve.

Let go of the need to love those who cannot return your love.

Detach from the attachment.

Solitude is often required to heal the wounds of lost love, wrong love, unfaithful love or toxic love.

Forgiveness and solitude will develop your inner strength and immunity from pain.

Embrace your loneliness.  Be patient for love will come again.

Replace negative thoughts and feelings with images of beauty.

Cleanse your heart, mind, body and soul.

Shadows may pass over you but you must never stand in the darkness.

Sometimes the darkness of pain brushes up against you to jolt you into the light of God's love.

Only by passing through the darkness can you return to the light of your own soul.

The sun shines. The sun is eclipsed by the moon.

You are the sunlight of your own life and others can only cast shadows for short periods of time.

Raindrops cleanse the earth and punctuate life with a melody of freshness, by night and day.

Your teardrops will kiss your soul, washing away debris and setting you free in the sunshine of your own life to glisten and to be happy.

With the warmth of love in your heart, you will bask in the light of every moment, every day, forever and ever, and ever and always.

Develop serenity and security within yourself.  Open a space in your heart for someone new.

You deserve someone special so be your best self today and everyday.

Give love to others for your pleasure. Recognize the love others have to share. Receive their love in whatever form
it takes.

Forgive yourself for the times you were not loving. Accept and appreciate yourself. You are ready to love again.

Be selective. Be careful. Accept nothing less than the best for yourself. Never settle for just someone.

You will experience the complete fulfillment of love between a man and a woman.

You will celebrate the sensuality of love and friendship.  Love will come when you are happy.

You are completely ready now for a bright, loving person to walk right into your life.

You can attract a loving partner.

And so now it begins, a new life of love with a kind and gentle person who cherishes life as much as you.

Love is the freedom of spirit. No confinement. No criticism. No coercion. No guilt.

Your life was meant to be shared.  You will find your partner.  You deserve to be happily married.

Only in the form of marriage can you truly grow in love with another.

A marriage is coming and you will fly like a bird in the sky, above the dark clouds.

Your partner will be spiritual, intelligent, caring and faithful, funny and dear to your heart.

You will love them as they love you.  Love is the comfort in the space between two people.

Love is trust when there is distance between two people.  Love is opening your heart to the feelings of one another.

Love is accepting your past and embracing your future.

Love is arriving in the safe harbor of commitment and marriage.

Love is patience, hope, understanding, compassion and unrelenting Faith.

Keep your life simple and fill it with love.

Whispers from the Heart
     by Anne Meridien

Deep within you there is a voice. The voice is the wisdom of your soul. From birth, you are given the gift of knowing. You always have access to the truth. Your heart's message is your song.

A melody rings true in the silence of your mind and the music of your heart. Beat by beat your heart never rests, your soul never slumbers, and you are never alone. Each moment is a precious thread in the fabric of your life.

Your life is perfect when you listen. The sounds are clear. The message is pure. You have the answers that you seek. When there is noise in your mind and ringing in your ears, you must listen to the whispers from your heart.

You are safe, no one can harm you. You have no fear, you are protected. You have no pain, you are at peace. Perfect love is within you. A bird, a tree, a breeze or a child will remind you.

Be still. Listen. You will hear the whisper in the space between heartbeats. Your hurts have no place here. Your anger has no place here. Your resentments do not reside here.

There is only room for the peace of love. Quietly your heart calls out for another. Sometimes you are not heard. But no sounds are lost. All love is returned. Love felt is love shared when we dare to hear it.

Every whisper from the heart is a kiss and an embrace. You are never alone when your heart is true. The sweet songs of love will always endure. You will be cherished for ever more, alone or with another, your life is pure.
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